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Skye Life

Sonas Group Operates On The Beautiful Scottish Island Of Skye.
It Is A Fantastic Place To Live and Work Particularly For Those Who Enjoy The Outdoors.

'Most desirable place' to live in Britain - 2016

Anna Bors (19) - Waitress - Czech Republic

"Working at Skeabost House Hotel for two summer seasons was an amazing experience. I have improved my English level, gained lots of new friends and learned how to be independent." 

Team Life

Some days are easier than the others and we try to keep it as much fun as possible while maintaining a strong work ethic. We are always encouraging our staff to participate in different training programs, charity events and team building exercises.

The hospitality industry is demanding and we are always looking at different ways on how to improve our staff experience and build their performance.

Our number one priority is the team spirit - we strive to support our staff so that they can continue to keep moving forward with us.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a beautiful place to live, but we would like you to do a little homework

and have a look at few websites before you make the decision to move here:

Life outside of work

The Isle of Skye was voted as the number one most desirable place to live in Britain (2016). If you are interested in outdoor activities, nature and strong cultural heritage, this is the place for you!  It is a large Island with plenty 'off the beaten track' areas to explore.

All of our hotels offer on site accommodation. We'll always do our best to help you to get comfortable.  For couples working with us, we always try to make sure you have the same days off so you can spend time together on your Skye adventure.

The Isle of Skye offers a number of facilities and services such as several banks, medical centre, hospital, restaurants, cafes, shops, cinema, garages and gyms.

Still not sure?

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